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Zagarolo - Rome
First Edition
Competition Announcement
The Rospigliosi Art Prize, dedicated to the Rospigliosi Palace, now a museum overlooking the town of Zagarolo (in the outskirts of Rome), was established by “L’AVUGI” Association in San Cesareo (Rome).
This first edition is taking place thanks to the determination of L’AVUGI Association, which is committed to the enhancement of the territory, and the collaboration of the Art Gallery “Galleria Vittoria” in Via Margutta, Rome, that will be in charge of the artistic direction of the prize with the support of the Zagarolo Council and the Region of Lazio.
It will be a competition for Artists with a prize consisting of artwork purchase for a value of € 10,000 and 3 artistic residencies of one week during 2018.
The Aim of this competition is to promote contemporary Art in all its expressions and to bring within the Rospigliosi Museum an exhibition of national and international relevance with artworks selected by a panel of judges.
The competition includes the selection of artworks divided into the following categories:
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Photography
  • Digital Art
The topic of this first edition is:
“Art, food for the soul”.
Food is the primary source of energy for any creative process. This is why iconography has always held it in high regard, for its objective and symbolic value, for the plastic or conceptual representation possibilities as a signifier and a meaningful element.
‘Food' provided by creative media is like nourishment offered by the Artist to the user, who achieves a sacred moment of conviviality at the exhibition.
Artists are expected to represent, in total freedom of expression, Art as essential nourishment, like food able to satisfy both spirit and intellect, considering Art itself as nourishment for the most intimate material and immaterial parts of the human being.
Candidates will be selected in two categories – Under 30 and Over 30.
All candidates will be selected by a panel of judges and only the finalists will participate in the exhibition at Palazzo Rospigliosi in the town of Zagarolo from 4/21/2018 to 4/29/2018.
The contest is open to any Artist from the age of 18 years and above.
Only artworks that have not participated in any prior competition and were produced after 2015 are admitted.
The categories are:
  • Painting

The maximum size for paintings, including frames and supports, is 100 cm of width and 180 cm of height.
Artworks composed of several parts will be considered as a single piece of work, and the wall installation must not exceed the dimensions as indicated above.
All painting techniques are allowed (e.g. oil, acrylic, tempera, watercolour, paint, enamel, spray, ink, various materials, etc.) along with material installations, only if suitable to be hung.
Under no circumstance may the use of glass in frames be allowed.
  • Sculpture

The maximum sizes for sculptural artworks are 80x80 cm of base, 150 cm of height and a weight not exceeding 15 Kg. All materials and techniques are allowed as long as within the above-mentioned dimensions and weight.
  • Photography

For photographs, the maximum sizes allowed, including frames and supports, are 100 cm of width and 180 cm of height. Photographs obtained with digital and analogue equipment and post-produced using any photographic technique are permitted provided that the post-production is limited and is not prevalent in the attainment of the result.
The photographic artworks can be presented on any type of support (paper, metal, stone, plastic materials, etc.). Projections are excluded.
  • Digital art

For digital artworks the maximum sizes allowed, including frames and supports, are 100 cm of width and 180 cm of height.
Both digital artworks solely produced with computer programs and artworks made with mixed materials or other techniques, even photographic ones, are allowed, provided that digital intervention is predominant in the realization of the final product. Digital artworks can be presented on any type of support (paper, metal, stone, plastic materials, etc.). Projections are excluded.
Under no circumstance may the use of glass in frames be allowed.
PHASE 2 – Entry

Registration is open from 12/1/2017 until midnight on Thursday 3/15/2018.
You can send your Entry using the registration form on the website:
or alternatively by sending an e-mail to the following address:
The registration form must be completed with all the required information along with a high quality photo of the artwork attached.
If submitting more than one artwork, photos of all the individual pieces must be included (with all the information as above).
A maximum of 3 artworks per Entry is allowed.
The photo should be as faithful as possible to the original artwork, or a penalty of exclusion from the competition will apply.
All attached image files must be renamed with your full name, title of the artwork, technique, size and year, for example:
Surname,name_title_technique_size(height x width)_ year.jpg
If necessary, the organization reserves the right to request further photos of the artwork.
Entry fee
The one-time non refundable Entry fee for the competition is:
·        For the OVER 30 Artists - € 50.00 for one artwork - € 80.00 for 2 - € 100.00 for 3
·        For the UNDER 30 Artists (who have not yet turned 30 years old by 3/15/2018) - € 30.00 for one artwork - € 50.00 for 2 - € 70.00 for 3
The Entry fee must be paid within 5 days from the date of submission of the form by any of the following methods of payment:
Bank transfer
Addressed to Giulia Cecconi
Banca di Credito Cooperativo dei Castelli Romani e del Tuscolo S.c.   
Via della Rocca -  Rocca Priora (RM)
IBAN: IT32 F070 9241 2200 0000 0114 988
Purpose of the payment: ‘full name - Premio Rospigliosi
n’   4023600954003549  
Addressed to Aurora Benedetti
c.f.  BNDRRA96R42H501F
PAYPAL and CREDIT CARD through the website
Registration is valid only after sending the necessary documentation and payment of the Entry fee.
The Entry fee is inclusive of membership to L'AVUGI Association.
The Entry fee is non-refundable.
PHASE 3 - Selection

Up to 80 finalists will be selected.
The finalist artworks will be exhibited at Palazzo Rospigliosi from 4/21/2018 to 4/29/2018.
The panel of judges will proceed to select the finalists of the competition, whose artworks will be exhibited at Palazzo Rospigliosi, and then determine the winners.
Submitting an Entry to the Rospigliosi Art Prize implies the unconditional acceptance of this notice and the panel’s judgment both in the selection phase and in the awarding ceremony.
After the selection, the jury will choose one winner for each section of the OVER 30 and Under 30.
The Panel Members

The panel members are:
Romina Guidelli - Art curator
Massimiliano Tonelli - Artribune Director
Manuela Porcu - Fair Director of the Affordable Art Fair in Milano
Caterina Stringhetta - The Art Post Blog
Chiara Anguissola D'Altoè - Explora Childrens Museum in Rome
Daniele Leodori - President of the Regional Council of Lazio
Emanuela Panzironi - Counselor for Social Policies and the School of Zagarolo

The fundamental criteria for selection will be quality, originality of the artwork and consistency of the artistic path, chosen technique and effectiveness of transmission of the message.
PHASE 4 - Shipping / Delivering of the Art Work

• For authentication, a photograph of the artwork with the author's signature must be attached.
• The artwork must be ready to be hung or installed, complete with necessary hangers, hooks etc. necessary for the exhibition. The Artist will be penalised by exclusion from the Rospigliosi Art Prize if such items are not included.

The shipment and the subsequent collection will be at the full expense of the Artist.
No liability can be attributed to the organization in case of damage during the transport; during the event the artworks will be protected by insurance cover against theft and accidental damage by the organization.

PHASE 5 – Exhibition
The finalist artworks will be exhibited from Saturday 4/21/2018 to 4/29/2018 in various locations at Palazzo Rospigliosi.
The vernissage will take place on Saturday 4/21/2018 at 5PM and the awards ceremony during the closing evening on Sunday 4/29/2018 at 5PM.

PHASE 6 – Awarding
On Sunday 4/29/2018 the award ceremony will take place at Palazzo Rospigliosi.
Among the selected artworks the panel of judges will choose a winner from each category.
There will be four prizes awarded as follows:
One winner for Painting
One winner for Sculpture
One winner for Photography
One winner for Digital Art
The prize for the winners of the OVER 30 category, subordinated to the purchase of the winning artworks, is divided as follows:
  • Painting - Purchase value of € 2500 to the winner
  • Sculpture - Purchase value of € 2500 to the winner
  • Photography - Purchase value of € 2500 to the winner
  • Digital Art - Purchase value of € 2500 to the winner
*subject to any tax withholding by law.
Three winners
The commission will select 3 Artists under the age of 30 who will be rewarded with an artistic residency.
Artists will be hosted for 7 days in Zagarolo (Roma) at the expense of the organization in a period of time to be defined by the end of 2018.
A workspace will be provided where they can work on their art.
At the end of the 7 days there will be a celebratory exhibition.
Dates and Deadlines
3/15/2018 - last day to register for the competition
3/30/2018 - day when the finalists will be announced
4/21/2018 - Inauguration of the finalists exhibition at Palazzo Rospigliosi - Zagarolo
4/29/2018 - Rospigliosi Art Prize Award Ceremony at Palazzo Rospigliosi - Zagarolo
A catalogue will be published with all finalist artworks and a copy will be given to each finalist.
By submitting their artworks Artists give the right for their work to be published to promote the competition. Any Artist who, after the selection, has not submitted a high quality photograph of their artwork will be excluded from the catalogue.
L’AVUGI Association ensures the utmost care and custody of the submitted artworks, covering the artworks with insurance against eventual theft, fire or vandalism during the exhibition.
The Artist will be fully responsible for any additional shipping or collecting costs or any further technical support necessary for the exhibition of their artwork.
Any other kind insurance must be taken care of by the Artist.
The organization reserves the right to make any unforeseen modification, technical or logistic, and will notify the participants with immediate effect.
By submitting an Entry, each candidate authorizes L'Avugi Association to process their personal data as according to the 675/96 Law and subsequent amendments of Legislative Decree 196/2003.
Each competitor gives L'Avugi the right to reproduce the artwork and text for the purpose of publication in the catalogue, publication on the website and other forms of communication, promotion and organization.
The material sent for registration will not be returned.
The organizers of the competition will have the right of final decision on everything not specified in this notice.
The organization reserves the right to make changes to the notice if needed.
For more information and details please contact us.
L’AVUGI Association
Viale dei Cedri 111/A
Galleria Vittoria
Via Margutta 103
Palazzo Rospigliosi
Piazza dell'Indipendenza, 6
00039 Zagarolo (RM)
Palazzo Rospigliosi
Piazza dell'Indipendenza, 6
00039 Zagarolo (RM)
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