PRESS - Rospigliosi Art Prize

PRESS - Rospigliosi Art Prize

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Release n.1 of 13 December 2017

The L'AVUGI association publishes for the 2018 the first edition of Rospigliosi Art Prize with the aim to promote the italian and international contemporary art in collaboration with Comune di Zagarolo and Regione Lazio.
The executive task is given to Galleria Vittoria di Via Margutta 103 which will have also the artistic direction.
There will be no more than 80 works selectioned by a panel of judges. The selectioned finalist works will be exposed at Rospigliosi Palace in Zagarolo (Rome).

The panel of judges will be composed by:
Romina Guidelli – Art administrator
Massimiliano Tonelli – Artribune’s Director
Manuela Porcu - Affordable Art Fair’s Director
Caterina Stringhetta - The Art Post Blog
Chiara Anguissola D’Altoè - Explora il Museo dei Bambini di Roma
Daniele Leodori - Presidente del Consiglio regionale of Regione Lazio
Emanuela Panzironi – Assessore alle Politiche sociali e della scuola

The selectioned Artists will exhibit their works at Rospigliosi Palace in Zagarolo (Rome).

The topic of this first edition is
“Art, soul nourishment”
Food is an essential source for all being creatures. This explain why food is so important for the iconography: for its symbolic and objective meaning and for its plastic and conceptual portrayal as each element of an artistic work.

We required to the Artists to represent in absolute expression freedom, the Art like a Nourishment that can satisfy both Soul and Mind, considering Art like the essential nourishment of the intimate material and no-material part of human being.

The Rospigliosi Art Prize's candidates will be divided in two sections UNDER 30 and OVER 30 for four categories. The Rospigliosi Art Prize's jackpot will be

OVER 30 section a voucher
Total jackpot 10000 Euros

•                   Painting- Euro 2500 voucher to the winner
•                   Sculpture- Euro 2500 voucher to the winner
•                   Photography- Euro 2500 voucher to the winner
•                   Digital Art- Euro 2500 voucher to the winner
UNDER 30 section jackpot
Three Artists residences

The due date for the partecipation is 15/03/2018 and it will be possible to subscribe on  the website

Palazzo Rospigliosi
Piazza dell'Indipendenza, 6
00039 Zagarolo (RM)
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